Semi-Privacy Fence Nashville, TN

Semi-Privacy Fence or Fencing in Nashville, TN

If you are looking for a slightly softer look with a little more air circulation than a full privacy fence, then a semi-privacy fence is the perfect choice.

Semi privacy fences provide both accent and style allowing you to enjoy your privacy while not totally blocking your view or air movement.

Features of a semi-privacy fence:

Scalloped top, Semi-Privacy Fence with French Gothic Post
Scalloped top, Semi-Privacy Fence with French Gothic Post

  • Does not block completely
  • Allows some air flow through the fence
  • Uses less material than a full privacy fence
  • Some light passes through

Semi-Privacy fence designs provide a measure of seclusion for those who desire privacy without complete isolation.

Privacy and semi-privacy fences are defined by the width of the board and the amount of space between them. A typical semi-privacy fence found in Nashville and surrounding areas, is tall (six feet or more) with overlapping, shadow box, or tongue-and-groove boards.

Semi-privacy fencing aims to allow air and visual space between the boards, while protecting the space and residents from full view.

In a semi-privacy fence, the pickets are not interlocked, instead they are either placed one top of the other or in a wave pattern. This leaves a small amount of gap in between them, leaving room for some light to pass in between them.

Here are some semi-privacy fences built and installed by Clean Cut Fence in Nashville, TN and surrounding area.

Scalloped top picket with French Gothic Posts
Semi-Privacy Capped top fence

Semi-Privacy Fence with French Gothic Pickets
Shadow-Box, Semi-Privacy Fence with French Gothic Posts


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