How Important is a Fence, Really?

  • By Clean Cut Fence
  • 15 Feb, 2013

As it turns out, a fence  can be extremely important. After a recent train accident in which a pedestrian walking beside the track was hit and killed, a New Mexico city is asking for funds to put a new fence in place near the track .

The idea is to put up miles of fence running parallel to the track to create a distinct walking path and indicate the safest distance from the train. This would discourage people from getting too close to the track, and the city notes that while there are indicators for traffic, there have never been any clear lines for pedestrians.

In Your Own Yard

A fence can be just as important in your own yard. A privacy fence , for instance; discourages intruders. Why target a house with a tall, locked fence when they could find something easier? Likewise, it also keeps pets and children in the yard and away from other animals or the street.

You can have a fence that acts as a safety barrier but is still attractive for your yard—you don't have to choose! Fence designs come in a wide variety of materials and styles, so you can find one that will both protect your yard, family, and pets and make your yard look neat and complete.

The next time you look at a fence or consider putting a new fence in your yard, look at the ways it could make your yard safer for you and your family, as well. It might be more important than you realize.

By Kela Roth 09 Mar, 2017

Time to start planning those projects you have been dreaming of all winter long. Whether it is a new fence to add to your backyard living area or some maintenance on your existing fence. Now is the perfect time to start that project. In designing your fence there are several different options to choose from -- Aluminum and Custom Wood are two of the most popular fence types. However, plenty homeowners are perfectly satisfied with galvanized or the vinyl coated chain-link. The vinyl privacy is also a great option.

For those of you that have a wooden fence now is the perfect time to protect your investment by staining and sealing. This ensures that your investment will be well protected as well as adding a beautiful color to the fence.

By Kela Roth 26 Jul, 2016
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