Keeping the Peace When You Add a New Fence

  • By Clean Cut Fence
  • 30 Mar, 2013

Most of the time, fences are a great addition to your home and neighborhood, but sometimes, your neighbors may not see it that way. You can prevent conflict and drama before it becomes an issue, though—it just takes a little planning and some good social skills.

When you get a fence in your yard, especially a larger privacy or semi-privacy fence , it also affects your neighbors yards, so it's fair to ask them for their opinion . How you do it will make a difference!

Follow the Rules. Before you start, check your city ordinances and make sure whatever you plan to build fits the rules for what's required in your area. If you need some clarification on the ordinances, your fence installer can probably explain it to you. If your fence meets the guidelines established by your city, you'll be well on your way to a good encounter with your neighbors.

Talk to Your Neighbors. The best way to handle a conversation is to be direct. Pick a good time (not when one of you is just coming home or leaving) and put away any defensiveness.

You will be a lot more likely to get your neighbor's blessing if you're honest about what you're planning to build and if you earnestly listen to him or her. If there are concerns, hear them out. Address them individually. If you aren't sure about something, assure your neighbor you'll look into it.

Be smart about conflict. If your neighbor is dead set against a fence, there could be some conflict. The best thing you can do in that situation is stay as calm as possible. Continue to be considerate and polite as you discuss all of the details about your fence. This tends to keep arguments from escalating—it's hard to argue with someone who is completely calm!

By Kela Roth 09 Mar, 2017

Time to start planning those projects you have been dreaming of all winter long. Whether it is a new fence to add to your backyard living area or some maintenance on your existing fence. Now is the perfect time to start that project. In designing your fence there are several different options to choose from -- Aluminum and Custom Wood are two of the most popular fence types. However, plenty homeowners are perfectly satisfied with galvanized or the vinyl coated chain-link. The vinyl privacy is also a great option.

For those of you that have a wooden fence now is the perfect time to protect your investment by staining and sealing. This ensures that your investment will be well protected as well as adding a beautiful color to the fence.

By Kela Roth 26 Jul, 2016
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