Making Your Backyard a Microenvironment

  • By Clean Cut Fence
  • 02 May, 2013

In the last blog post, there were some amazing ideas for decorating a fence, but a post at Real Estate Communities brings up something one step further  than just decorating a fence and goes into what a privacy fence can actually do for your yard.

One of the things a privacy fence does includes creating a micro-enviuronment. Think of that as an individualized environment just for you—with that in mind, what will you do with your backyard that you haven't tried yet?

Why It Works

The idea behind calling a backyard protected by a privacy fence a micro-envrionment comes down to its protection from the outside world. Your neighbors can't watch you in your yard without some considerable effort, you've got shelter from some of the wind and sun that could ruin your day or make you uncomfortable, and even a little bit of protection from neighborhood noise.

This gives you a space that is private like your home, but out in the open. There's a lot of ways to use that space to your advantage!

What Will You Do In Your Environment?

The best way to figure out what to do with your backyard is to figure out its purpose: do you go there to relax at the end of a long day? Do you love to garden and spend most of your time planting and tending flowers? Is it a place to work, eat, hang out with family, entertain friends?

Knowing what you like to use your backyard for will help determine what should be included within it. Make a list of what your backyard is, then make sure you refer to it while you go.

A Few Things to Try

  • If you want to relax in your back yard, comfortable furniture is the best bet. Many companies now manufacture comfortable couches and chairs specifically designed to sit outside!
  • Like to work in your backyard? Break up any monotony on your fence with some calming planters, then create a protected area close to the house for doing work.
  • Like to entertain? Look for things that make your yard inviting and comfortable to guests.

Don't let your imagination limit you—what will you do with your yard?

By Kela Roth 09 Mar, 2017

Time to start planning those projects you have been dreaming of all winter long. Whether it is a new fence to add to your backyard living area or some maintenance on your existing fence. Now is the perfect time to start that project. In designing your fence there are several different options to choose from -- Aluminum and Custom Wood are two of the most popular fence types. However, plenty homeowners are perfectly satisfied with galvanized or the vinyl coated chain-link. The vinyl privacy is also a great option.

For those of you that have a wooden fence now is the perfect time to protect your investment by staining and sealing. This ensures that your investment will be well protected as well as adding a beautiful color to the fence.

By Kela Roth 26 Jul, 2016
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