Protecting Your Yard & Landscaping from Animals

  • By Clean Cut Fence
  • 27 Mar, 2013

A popular kid's story tells of Peter Rabbit who ventured into Mr.  McGregor's  garden to steal vegetables. Do you have a Peter Rabbit (or dog or cat or deer)? They get into your yard, trample your garden, eat your flowers, and leave you with a mess the next day.

It's common enough, especially in suburban areas. How can you prevent the four-legged garden eaters ? A quality fence!

Knowing What You Need

To know the best type of fence for your situation, you first need to identify the animal or animals paying you a visit. Picket fence , privacy fence, semi-privacy fence--knowing what you're working with will help you make the decision. It might take a bit of detective work, but it will be worth it if you can discover your thief!

There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Watch. If they come at a particular time of day or night, do a bit of a stakeout to see if you can catch them in action.
  • Investigate. Take a look at the clues your culprit leaves behind. Are there footprints? Dog prints tend to be bigger, and a clear mark will have claw marks at the end of each toe. Cat prints are smaller and don't show claws.

If neither of these works, make an educated guess based on your circumstances: do you often see a particular kind of animal roaming around? Do the neighbors have a dog that occasionally gets loose? You might have you answer just from this.

Picking the Fence

The things that are going to matter when making this decision are size and space between the boards. Some cats can squeeze through the slats in the fence, for instance; and some dogs can jump over a shorter fence.

Any good fence company will be able to help you narrow down the kind of fence you want based on your circumstances, so don't hesitate to ask for some help.

Once you know what type of fence to get, pick one based on your taste. After all, it's still your yard, and it should reflect your personality!

By Kela Roth 09 Mar, 2017

Time to start planning those projects you have been dreaming of all winter long. Whether it is a new fence to add to your backyard living area or some maintenance on your existing fence. Now is the perfect time to start that project. In designing your fence there are several different options to choose from -- Aluminum and Custom Wood are two of the most popular fence types. However, plenty homeowners are perfectly satisfied with galvanized or the vinyl coated chain-link. The vinyl privacy is also a great option.

For those of you that have a wooden fence now is the perfect time to protect your investment by staining and sealing. This ensures that your investment will be well protected as well as adding a beautiful color to the fence.

By Kela Roth 26 Jul, 2016
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